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FIHM Group

Functional Inorganics and Hybrid Materials

Studying at Cambridge


2003 publications

Hydrogen adsorption in nanoporous nickel(II) phosphates P. M. Forster, J. Eckert, J-S. Chang, S-E. Park, G. Férey, and A. K. Cheetham J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 125, 1309-1312 (2003)

Phase separation in metal oxides C. N. R. Rao, P. V. Vanitha, and A. K. Cheetham Chem. Euro. J. 9, 828-836 (2003)

The Role of Chains in the Formation of Extended Framework Tin(II) Phosphates and Related Materials B. A. Adair, S. Neeraj and A. K. Cheetham Chem. Mater. 15 1518-1529 (2003)

Amine-templated metal squarates. Meenakshi Dan, K. Sivashankar, A. K. Cheetham and C. N. R. Rao J. Solid State Chem. 174, 60-68 (2003).

Open framework metal monocarboxylates: nickel cyclopropionates containing 16- and 18-membered rings P. M. Forster, Z. Yang and A. K. Cheetham Solid State Sciences 5, 635-642 (2003)

Adsorption of Chlorofluorocarbons in Nanoporous Solids ; A Combined Powder Neutron Diffraction and Computational Study of CFCl3 in NaY Zeolite. C. Mellot-Draznieks, J. Rodriguez Carvajal, D. E. Cox, A. K. Cheetham Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 5, 1882-1887 (2003).

Reactivity of lithium with a microporous phosphate P. Tran-Van, K. Barthelet, M. Morcrette, M. Herlem, J-M. Tarascon, A. K. Cheetham and G. Férey J. New Mater. For Elect. Chem. Syst. 6, 29-31 (2003)

Hierarchically mesoporous/macroporous metal oxides templated from polyoxyethylene oxide surfactant assemblies. J-L. Blin, A. Léonard, Z-Y. Yan, L. Gigot, A. Vantomme, A. K. Cheetham and B-L. Su Angew. Chem. Intl. Ed. (2003)

Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Solids: An Emerging Class of Nanoporous Catalysts P. M. Forster and A. K. Cheetham Topics in Catalysis 24, 79-86 (2003)

Towards a better control of internal structure and external morphology of mesoporous silicas synthesized using a nonionic surfactant A.Léonard, J-L. Blin, M. Robert, P. A. Jacobs, A. K. Cheetham and B-L. Su Langmuir, 19, 5484-5490 (2003)

Synthesis and characterization of two polymorphic crystalline phases and an amorphous powder of nickel(II) bis-imidazolate N. Masciocchi, F. Castelli, P. M. Forster, M. M. Tafoya and A. K. Cheetham Inorg. Chem. 42, 6147-6152 (2003)

Nanomaterials and venture capital A. K. Cheetham and P. S. H. Grubstein NanoToday (Special Issue of Materials Today), 16-19 (2003)

A study of the highly crystalline, low silica, fully hydrated zeolite P ion-exchanged with Mn2+, Cd2+, Pb2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+ cations. J. G. Nery, Y. P. Mascarenhas, and A. K. Cheetham Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 57, 229-248 (2003)