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FIHM Group

Functional Inorganics and Hybrid Materials

Studying at Cambridge


1996 publications

Computational studies of aluminium phosphate polymorphs. N.J. Henson, A.K. Cheetham and J.D. Gale. Chemistry of Materials 8, 664-670 (1996).

On the nature of water bound to a solid acid catalyst L. Smith, L. Marchese, A.K. Cheetham, J.M. Thomas, P.A. Wright, and J. Chen. Science, 271, 799 (1996).

Structure directing effects in zeolite synthesis; a single crystal X-ray diffraction, 29Si MAS NMR, and computational study of the competitive formation of siliceous ferrierite and dodecasil-3C (ZSM-39). S.J. Weigel, E. Gutierrez Puebla, A. Monge Bravo, N.J. Henson, L.M. Bull, and A.K. Cheetham J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 118, 2427-35 (1996).

Behavior of benzene in Na-X and Na-Y; a comparative study by 2H NMR and molecular mechanics. S.M. Auerbach, L.M. Bull, N.J. Henson, H. I. Metiu and A.K. Cheetham. J. Phys. Chem.100, 5923-5930 (1996).

Giant magnetoresistance in transition metal oxides C.N.R. Rao and A.K. Cheetham Science 272, 369-370 (1996).

Synthesis and structure of a three-dimensional nanoporous aluminophosphate, (NH2(CH2)3NH3)+[HAl3P3O14]-.H2O, containing AlO5 and AlO6 polyhedra S. Natarajan, J-C. Gabriel & A.K. Cheetham J. Chem. Soc, Chem. Comm. 1415-1416 (1996)

Synthesis and structure of KIn(OH)PO4: chains of hydroxyl-bridged InO4(OH)2 octahedra. J.A. Hriljac, C.P. Grey, A.K. Cheetham, P.D. VerNooy and C.C. Torardi. J. Solid State Chem. 123, 243-248 (1996)

Charge ordering and related effects in Nd1-x Cax MnO3. C.N.R. Rao, T. Vogt and A.K. Cheetham Phys. Rev. B 54, 15303-15306 (1996).

Pyrolytically grown BxCxyNxz nanomaterials - nanofibres and nanotubes. M. Terrones, A.M. Benito, C. Manteca-Diego, W.K. Hsu, O.I. Osman, J.P. Hare, D.G.. Ried, H. Terrones, A.K. Cheetham, K. Prassides, H.W. Kroto and D.R.M. Walton. Chem. Phys. Lett. 257, 576-582 (1996).

A quantitative description of the active sites in the dehydrated acid catalyst, H- SAPO-34, for the conversion of methanol to olefins L. Smith, A.K. Cheetham, L. Marchese, J.M. Thomas, P.A. Wright, J. Chen and E. Gianotti Catalysis Letters, 41, 13-16 (1996).

Giant magnetoresistance and related properties of rare-earth manganates and other oxide systems C.N.R. Rao, A.K. Cheetham and R. Mahesh Chemistry of Materials 8, 2421-2432 (1996).

In situ single-crystal X-ray diffraction study of crystallization kinetics in clathrasil dodecasil-3C (MTN) R.E. Morris, S.J. Weigel, P. Norby, J.C. Hanson and A.K. Cheetham J. Synchrotron Radiation 3, 301-304 (1996).

On the crystal structure of azafullerene (C59N)2 C.M. Brown, L. Cristofolini, K. Kordatos, K. Prassides, C. Bellavia, R. Gonzalez, M. Keshavarz-K., F. Wudl, A.K. Cheetham, J.P. Zhang, W. Andreoni, A. Curioni, A.N. Fitch & P. Patirson. Chem. Mat. 8, 2548-2550 (1996).

Magnetic structure and giant-magnetoresistance of ferromagnetic La1-Mn1-O3 - an example of double-exchange striction? A.K. Cheetham, C.N.R. Rao and T. Vogt J. Solid State Chem. 126, 337-341 (1996).

Spheres of spheres of azafullerenes in the solid state K. Prassides, M. Keshavarz-K, E. Beer, C. Bellavia, R. Gonzales, Y. Murata, F. Wudl, A.K. Cheetham, and J-P. Zhang. Chemistry of Materials 8, 2405-2408 (1996).

Metal particle catalyzed production of nanoscale BN structures M. Terrones, W.K. Hsu, H. Terrones, J.P. Zhang, S. Ramos, J.P. Hare, R. Castillo, K. Prassides, A.K. Cheetham, H.W. Kroto and D.R.M. Walton. Chem. Phys. Lett. 259, 568-573 (1996).

29Si NMR chemical shifts of silicate species; ab initio study of environment and structure effects V. Moravetski, J-R. Hill, U. Eichler, A.K. Cheetham, and J. Sauer. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 118, 13015-13020 (1996).

Effect of substitution of Cr in place of Mn in rare-earth manganates on the magnetism and magnetoresistance; role of superexchange interaction and lattice distortion in LaMn1-CrxO3 R. Gundakaram, A. Arulraj, P.V. Vanitha, C.N.R. Rao, N. Gayathri, A.K. Raychaudhuri, & A.K. Cheetham J. Solid State Chem. 127, 354-358 (1996).