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High Temperature Synthesis

Tube Furnaces

  • Carbolite CTF Tube Furnace
  • Ability to flow inert and reducing gases
  • Heats to 1200°C max
  • Details from Carbolite




  • Elite Thermal Systems Ltd
  • TSH15/75/450-2416 (30A power supply)
  • 75 mm diameter alumina tube
  • Maximum temperature 1500°C
  • 8-segment controlle




Chamber Furnace






    Muffle Furnace

    • Elite Thermal Systems Ltd
    • BRF15/5/-2416 (13A power supply)
    • Maximum temperature 1500°C
    • 8-segment controller






    Process Lab Facilities

    • 1400°C Chamber Furnaces
    • 1200°C Ashing Furnace
    • Argon 1200°C Tube Furnace
    • 1500°C Vacuum Furnace
    • Mastersizer particle sizer
    • Ball Rolling Mill
    • Contact MSM's Chief Technician: Kevin Roberts